When a soulmate walks into your life…or time for Uranus transit in astrology

“When a soulmate walks into your life, you are forever changed… and this is a precious gift.” or time for Uranus transit in astrology
How energy of Uranus planet affects our lives depends very much on whether we resist its influences or try to work with this planet of independence, liberation, and enlightenment. Whichever part of our lives and of our psyches that Uranus touches is an area where we begin to feel restless and dissatisfied with any routine or “status quo” connected to it. Our consciousness regarding these parts of ourselves and our lives is accelerated to the point that others might consider our actions (and reactions) hasty or rebellious. If mishandled, we may act in inconsiderate and brusque ways. Transiting Uranus acts to disrupt, change, and re-do whatever it touches. Uranus frees us from thinking inside the box, and offers us opportunities for reaching out and trying something completely new. Uranus speeds up our lives, offering us chances to take some risks and to experiment with totally new ways of living and interacting with others and our environment. Uranus is forward-looking and does not have patience with lifestyles or attitudes that are attached to the past or the traditional. Transiting Uranus shakes us up and offers us a chance to become more aware of our individuality. Uranus doesn’t accept stagnation nor does it accept restriction. Personal freedom is highlighted. Transiting Uranus acts to awaken and to make us aware of our feelings of being restricted and constricted. Uranus surprises, jolts, and stimulates.
Manifestation of Uranus energy often can come through meeting your soul mate for a REASON happens on age 36-47, when your spirit try speak to you through this connection and brings change, disruption. Meeting with a soul mate is a spiritual experience. It could be male or female or even animal.
A soulmate walks in. At the worst possible time — or so you may think. Your soul knows it’s exactly the right time. Your soul knows it’s time for a change, which sooner than later you won’t be able to deny.
When soul mated comes into life for a REASON, it last for moment or for a short time only… What to expect from that connection?
When you come across a Soul Mate for a reason, it’s usually to meet a need that has been expressed in your life or face your hidden part either black or white. This can be for guidance, assistance through difficult times, support, depth of conversations or simply as a presence for you physically, emotionally or spiritually. The strengths of one person are used to strengthen the other, and the harmony between both Soul Mates is so peaceful and flows so well that it rise vibration of each other. These relationships are as rare and as precious as fine jewels, and we should feel immensely blessed if we encounter them during our lives.

There are an infinity of Soul Mates out there that we will encounter during our lives. While some come to teach us something new, others come to share our joys. While some last for only a few months or longer.
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